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SWMS Template - Covid 19

SWMS Template - Covid 19

This is a useful SWMS template to manage the exposure to the Coronavirus (Covid-19).
It covers:
- Prestart Health Assessment
- Working on Site
- Working within the Usual Work Environment
- Completion of Task

This SWMS is provided as a Word document so you can make relevant changes to suit your operations.

This SWMS has been reduced to $19.95 (inclusive of GST) to show our support to all businesses affected by the current pandemic!

Price: $19.95

Various SWMS

Various SWMS

Everything OHS has a large range of SWMS covering many different industries. If we don't have a SWMS that you need just let us know and we'll put one together.

The available SWMS include:

Air Compressor
Airconditioning Installation and repair - Domestic
Airconditioning Installation - Commercial
Aircraft Tyre Replenishment
Airless Sprayer
Alarm and Access Control Installation
Angle Grinder
Asbestos Exposure
Asbestos Removal
Assessing and Moving Vehicles
Battery Test and Charge
Bead Blaster
Bench Grinder
Blower Vac
Boating & Working from Boat
Boom Lift
Brake Lathe
Brick Saw
Brush Cutter
Building Site Clean
Cable and Ladder Tray Installation
Café and Catering Operations
Calibration of Gas Monitoring Equipment
Catering and Mobile Vending Coffee Cart
CCTV Camera Installation
Cement Mixer
Cement Mixer - Manual
Changing Linen - Hotel
Chemical Spraying
Cinema Operations
Circular Saw
Cleaning and Filling Drink Dispensers
Cleaning and Sanitising Dining Room Facilities - Covid 19
Cleaning Equipment Use
Cleaning of Fire Stairs, Ramps and Passageways
Cleaning of Pool Tiles Using Punch
Cleaning of Vehicles
Cleaning Polishing Floors
Cleaning Receiving Dock
Commercial Installation of Ducted Airconditioning
Concrete Mixer - Electric
Concrete Prep and Laying
Concrete and Paving Repairs
Concrete Scanning
Concrete Truck
Confined Space Entry
Crane Operation
Debt Collection
Delivery & Collection of Furniture
Demolition Saw
Drill Press
Driving Along and Working in High Traffic Areas
Dusting Using a Step Ladder
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Testing
Electrical Work
Embroidery Machine
Fencing - Colourbond and Pool
Fire Rating of Services
Fireworks Security
Forklift Operation
Framing Installation
Front Lift Bin Truck
Fuel Storage, Refuelling and Decanting
Gantry Crane
Gas Operations
General Cleaning
General Cutting and welding
General Gym Safety
General Plumbing & Drainage
General plant
Grounds Maintenance
Grundomat Borer
Gutter Cleaning
Hand Auger Driling
Handling of Hazchem
Hand, Air & Power Tools
Heat Gun
Heights EWP and Ladder
High Load Transport
High Pressure Cleaner
High Pressure Drain Cleaner
High Voltage Work
Hydraulic Press
Installation and termination of UTP Cabling
Installation of Cable and Fire Equipment
Kitchen and Dining Room General Clean
Kitchen Operations
Landscape and turfing
Leaf Blower
Lifting Bench
Line Marking
Loading and Unloading Pallets
Logging Test Pits
LPG ride on sweeper
Manual Demolition
Manual Excavation
Manual Handling
Manual Jack
Manual Tyre Changer
Meat Slicer
Mechanical Demolition
Mechanical Lifting
Microwave Cleaning - Industrial
Mine Site Clean
Mobile Plant
Nightclub and Bar Operations
Office Cleaning
Office Environments
Operating a Tipper/Watertruck
Operation and Cleaning of Appliances
Operation and Loading into Baler
Operation of Container Tilter
Operation of Trucks
Operating a Screw Auger
Oxy-acetylene use, cutting and soldering
Parts washer
Petrol Generator (Use & refuel)
Picking Up and Unloading of Skip Bins
Pipe Roll Groover
Platform Ladder
Plumbing and Drainage
Plumbing, Drainage & Roof Work
Pool Vacuum
Power Tools
Preparation of Load Export Containers
Preparation and Application of Graffiti Armour
Pressure Cleaner
Pruning of Trees
Push Mower
Receiving and Crushing Motor Vehicles
Remote Location and Working Alone
Restaurant Operations - Including Covid-19
Retail Operations - General
Retaining Wall Construction
Ride-on Mower
Rigging and Chain Blocks
Rubbish Removal
Scoping for High Load Transport
Setup Operation and Bump Out - Events
Sign setup Traffic management
Site Safety General
Slashing & Mowing Grass areas
Slasher Ride-on Mower
Slasher - Tractor Mount
Solar Installation
Solar & Electrical Installation
Soldering Iron
Spot Glass Cleaning
Spray Painting (Prep & Painting)
Spring Compressor
Stop Slow Bat Traffic Management
Stormwater Drainage
Stripping and Sealing Floors
Stump Grinding
Subfloor Installatiom
Threading Machine
Tilt Panel
Tip Truck
Toilet cleaning
Traffic Control
Traffic Control - Specific NSW
Trenching and Excavation
Truck Driving - Fatigue
Truck Driving - General
Truck Driving - Speed
Truck Haulage
Truck load - unload
Truck Operation
Tyre Changer
Tyre Changer Installation
Use of Knives
Use of Laser
Use of Laundry Trolley
Using a BBQ
Vehicle Hoist
Wacker Packer
Walklift Operation
Waterproofing with Membrane
Waterproofing with Sheet Product
Water Truck Operations
Welding & Cutting
Wheel Balancer
Window Installation and Replacement
Wood Chipper
Working around Plant and Equipment
Working around Mines and Construction
Working around Public
Working at Heights
Working from a Tower
Working in a Loading Dock
Working in Private Residences
Working Near Water
Working Outdoors
Working with Electricity

Each SWMS is $55.00 (includes GST) and we tailor it to be specific to your business.
Simply add SWMS to your cart, change the quantity to how many SWMS you would like and in the comments section note the ones that you would like.

We will then be in touch to request specific business details including ABN, contact details, State and logo to personalise the SWMS for you.

Price: $55.00

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