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Company name: Metalcorp Recyclers Pty Ltd

Incident description: On 31 December 2007 a 28 year old worker sustained fatal injuries when, whilst undertaking strip down maintenance work on a metal shredder, a beam fell and crushed him.

Industry: Metal and mining wholesaling

Circumstance of aggravation: Fatality

Penalty: $120 000

Date of decision: 10 December 2010

Company name: All Finishing Concrete Pty Ltd

Incident description: On 24 February 2010 a 52 year old male worker sustained injuries to his right leg when he fell 5m through a floor penetration onto a concrete floor below.

Industry: Construction

Circumstance of aggravation: Grievous bodily harm

Penalty: $40 000

Date of decision: 9 February 2011

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