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WHS Consulting & Partnerships

Everything OHS was started in 2008 by a passionate safety professional, and is dedicated in providing valuable and personalised assistance to small to medium sized businesses with meeting their safety obligations. Understanding the legislation and being compliant can be a mindfield so, Everything OHS is here to help!

Over the years Everything OHS has grown to provide free templates, a comprehensive safety manual, safety products and the ability to assist businesses with their onsite and online safety needs!

So, feel free to look around the site, download the free templates and checklists and don't forget to preview the Complete WHS Manual!

Who are we? Check us out and Meet the Team!

We have written manuals for businesses wanting compliance to ISO 31000, NSW Public Works and s28 of the Victorian Building Code. If you need compliance to any requirements including specific tender documentation contact us and we can quote on your specifications!

WHS Consulting Service & Partnerships

Everything OHS is committed to providing high quality work and training that meets legislative compliance at an affordable price. Our motto is "how can we make your life easier"? So, we have come up with some 'Safety Made Easy' options:

Our 'Safety Made Easy' options include:

Safety Partnerships (Coming soon)

Since its inception in 2008 Everything OHS has become a leader in providing safety solutions for 1000’s of businesses across Australia. Over the years we have learnt that the ever-changing requirements for businesses to provide updated safety documentation is at times a constant battle.

We have ‘partnered’ with many businesses from many different industries over the years to provide the ongoing safety support that they need. Whether it’s to update the project safety management plan to suit the new job, update safe work method statements depending on the task being performed or just simply to provide toolbox sessions for their people – we’ve been there to help.

To continue to provide a high level of service to our clients we have developed a ‘partnering program’ that allows our clients to easily interact with us so that updating and sharing safety information is streamlined!

Our clients will have their own dashboard that will provide access to valuable services and resources such as;

Direct Access to a Safety Consultant

By partnering with us you will have unlimited direct access with a Safety Consultant to assist with the management of your safety documentation. We understand as projects change so do the safety requirements and the need to constantly update. Through your client dashboard you and an
Everything OHS Safety Consultant can share documents that need review & update. These include:

  • Project Safety Management Plan
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Tender Completion (eg CM3)
  • Quality Management
  • Chemical Register

For other services such on site work (workplace inspection, audits etc) your partner rate is billed at $60 per hour plus GST (plus travel for interstate businesses).

AS4801 WHS Manual

Unlimited access to the AS4801 WHS Manual which is our most comprehensive safety manual on the market and is compliant to Australian Standard 4801. We understand business need’s change as well as legislation so, as a valued safety partner your business can get the latest up to date safety documentation at any time.

We can provide specialised service to assist with the AS4801 accreditation process with our preferred accrediting provider at the reduced rate of $60p/h plus GST (plus travel for interstate businesses). Note, accrediting provider is extra charge.

Environment Management Manual

Unlimited access to the Environment Management Manual where you will get the latest documentation whenever you need it.

Quality Manual

Every business should have a system to ensure that their product and service remains consistent and efficient. The quality manual helps to provide documented procedures on how every step of the process is managed to ensure the highest standard. By partnering with us you will have unlimited access to building a quality system using our manuals along with our tailored support by specialised Quality Experts. We will personally build your quality system based on your changing needs.

We can provide specialised service to assist with the ISO9001 accreditation process with our preferred accrediting provider at the reduced rate of $60p/h plus GST (plus travel for interstate businesses). Note, accrediting provider is extra charge.

Toolbox Library

The toolbox library is a great addition to any business who struggles to come up with interesting and effective toolbox topics. The toolbox library will have a large range of toolboxes ready for delivery on a broad range of topics. They will relate to latest news and updates within a vast range of industries.

News/Legislative Updates

For businesses who are AS4801 compliant there is a requirement to keep on top of legislative updates and changes that may affect your business. This feature will make that task easy by providing up to date legislative changes along with industry news.


The resources section will provide unlimited access to useful documentation that are commonly used which includes:

  • AS4801 Audit Tool – great for doing a self assessment
  • Safe Work Method Statements (basic industry SWMS – access to personalised SWMS with Safety Consultant for update)
  • Project Safety Management Plan (template – access to Safety Consultant to update as required)
  • Training Library (Manual Handling, Reporting a Hazard, Managing a Safe Work Environment, Supervisor Safety, Effective Return

to Work)

  • Induction booklet template - Safety Consultant can tailor for reduced rate of $60 per hour plus GST

Pricing: $330.00 per month (minimum of 3 months) plus a one off setup fee of $990.00.
‘Our philosophy at Everything OHS has always been about making safety solutions accessible by all businesses big and small so, we guarantee to keep our overheads low so we can provide quality service at an affordable rate!’

Remote Safety Setup

This service is ideal for businesses who want the tailored service of a Safety Consultant or for those who just want it done with minimal fuss! We will put together your complete AS4801 safety system including specific elements related to your industry complete with procedures and checklists along with your induction training session. The system is presented in word format and in easy to navigate folders so, all you will need to do is up load onto your computer and your complete safety system is ready to go!!!


  • A Comprehensive AS4801 WHS Manual tailored to your company
  • All policies, procedures and checklists/forms compliant to AS4801
  • Safe Work Procedures completed for high risk tasks & Safe Work Method Statements/JSA's (maximum of 20 Standard or 10 Custom)
  • Induction booklet tailored to your business
  • Incident and trend analysis tool
  • Chemical register and SDS' provided (maximum 30, if applicable)
  • Access to a Safety Consultant for ongoing advice and support for 6 months

Price: $1,500.00+GST
(Turn around time is usually 5 working days)

Can be purchased through the Products Page
For direct debit payments company details and an invoice will be issued.

Complete Safety Setup

This service is ideal for businesses who want to comply with their legal obligations in an easy and cost effective way! One of our talented Safety Consultants will come out to your site and do the lot! However, our philosophy is to empower businesses to effectively manage their own safety so, we will coach and teach you along the way so once we’re finished you’ve got the tools and ‘knowledge’ to maintain your system!


  • A Comprehensive AS4801 WHS Manual tailored to your company
  • All policies, procedures and checklists/forms compliant to AS4801
  • Safe Work Procedures for high risk tasks & Safe Work Method Statements/JSA's
  • Induction booklet tailored to your business
  • Chemical register and SDS' provided (if applicable)
  • Hazard identification conducted with business representative and hazard register completed
  • Risk assessments on identified hazards completed & risk register compiled
  • Incident tracking and trend analysis tool
  • Training to existing staff on new safety initiatives
  • Safety support for 6 months
  • Full assistance with AS4801 accreditation and ongoing maintenance (if required)

Price: Varies depending of the requirements, however, our prices are extremely reasonable! We do offer an audit and gap analysis for only $500+GST which includes a full review of your system and identifies where the gaps are (we travel Australia-wide so, for outside of SE Queensland contact us for a price).

To book a free no obligation appointment that suits you contact us on 1300 541 248 or email us at

SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) & Project Safety Management Plans

Need a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or Project Safety Management Plan?

We can write these for you!
We tailor the SWMS & Project Safety Management Plan to suit your business and how you do things. We also tailor them to suit whatever the requirements are. Our standard SWMS are $50.00+GST and the custom ones are $POA, we can also do deals when multiple SWMS are required.
Project Safety Management Plans are quoted on what the requirements are - just drop us an email at for more information.

Our SWMS have been approved by many leading construction companies, councils and multi-national companies.

Feel free to contact us on 1300 541 248 or email us at


Thank you for the wonderful job

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tracey Cameron from Everything OH&S for the wonderful job she has done with regards to the development and implementation of our safety system. We contacted you and within 24 hours you had visited our office and run through the process and within 1-2 weeks it was all completed, implemented and staff had been trained.

We thank you for the fantastic job you did and the continual service you provide to our company with regards to questions we might have or changes to be made. We would highly recommend you and your company to any other businesses looking to implement the same system.

We look forward to dealing with you further in the future.

Office Manager

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