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Workplace Incident - Drill bit lodged in man's eye!

Drill bit lodged in man's eye
21 Jun 2011

A man suffered a potentially serious eye injury following a workplace incident at Newport this morning.

Advanced life support paramedics from Altona were called to a doctor's surgery just before 11am.

Paramedic Alan Mercer said when they arrived they found the 19-year-old remarkably calm.

'He told us that he was using a power drill on a screw when the tool slipped and somehow the drill bit went into his left eye.

'He said that he removed the bit and walked to the nearby surgery.

'He said while the pain was sharp, it wasn't excruciating. Our main concern was his loss of sight from that eye.

'An eye patch had been placed over his eye to keep it still and prevent any further damage.

'We reassured him and offered him some pain relief but he told us he could cope with the discomfort.

'He was then taken to the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital in a stable condition,' Mr Mercer said.

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