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Basic Inspection Calendar



The Annual Workplace Inspection Calendar template is a simple tool for Australian businesses to systematically plan and track safety inspections throughout the year. This template allows for the scheduling of monthly inspections, ensuring consistent monitoring and maintenance of workplace safety standards.


Key Features:

  • Monthly Planning: Clearly defined sections for each month, allowing for the scheduling of specific inspection dates.
  • Employee Assignments: Spaces for nominating responsible employees for each inspection, ensuring accountability.
  • Signature Verification: Includes fields for both employee and manager signatures, confirming the completion of each inspection.
  • Adaptable Format: Can be customised to match the specific operational needs of various industries and workplaces.



  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps ensure regular safety checks are conducted, keeping in line with workplace safety laws and standards.
  • Enhanced Safety Oversight: Promotes a proactive approach to safety by scheduling regular inspections.
  • Improved Record Keeping: Maintains a detailed log of safety activities, essential for audits and compliance checks.
  • Streamlined Management: Simplifies the task of organising and overseeing safety inspections throughout the year.


Ideal For:

  • Businesses across all sectors that require regular safety inspections to maintain high safety standards. Especially useful for safety managers, facility managers, and compliance officers.


Get Started:

Download the Annual Workplace Inspection Calendar template for free and stay ahead in maintaining a safe and compliant workplace all year round.

Basic Inspection Calendar

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