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OHS Manual For Manufacturing & Industrial Businesses in Victoria



Our Manufacturing & Industrial OHS Manual Template is aligned with the ISO45001 standards and specifically designed for Victoria. This template is designed for manufacturing and industrial businesses, to simplify the documentation and management of your OHS system. It's fully customisable with your business details and comes with a variety of OHS form templates to support your safety efforts. If you operate in other Australian States & Territories, please consider our WHS Manual for All States.


Key Sections:

Our manual is detailed and structured to address a wide range of workplace safety aspects, including:

  • Overview
  • References
  • Definitions
  • Our Organisation
  • Leadership and Worker Participation
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Improvement
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Smoking in the Workplace
  • Sun Safety
  • Hazardous Manual Handling
  • Traffic Control
  • Fit for Work
  • COVID-19 in the Workplace


Appendix - Procedures and Forms:

The appendix of this manual includes practical procedures and ready-to-use forms to aid in implementing an effective safety management system:

  • Health and Safety Plan: Including Health and Safety Review Checklist and Health and Safety Plan forms.
  • Risk Management: Featuring forms for Hazard/Risk Identification Register, Risk Assessment, SWMS, and SWP template.
  • Hazard & Opportunity Reporting: With accompanying report forms.
  • Legal Requirements and Other Requirements Register
  • Objectives and Outcomes Procedure
  • Induction: Including First Day Induction and Subcontractor Induction Checklists.
  • Training and Qualifications: Complete with Skills Assessment, Competency Records, and Training Registers.
  • Injury/Incident Management: Including report and investigation forms.
  • Return to Work: With Suitable Duties Plan.
  • Consultation & Communication Procedure: Including Safety Meeting Record Form.
  • Health and Safety Representatives and Committees
  • Documentation and Data Control
  • WHS Audit: Featuring Audit Record and Corrective Action Report forms.
  • Issue Resolution
  • Emergency Procedures: Covering a range of emergency scenarios including bomb threats and medical emergencies.
  • Workplace Inspection Procedures Review
  • Stop Work Authority
  • Office Safety
  • Ergonomics: With Workstation Assessment.
  • Fatigue Management
  • Health Surveillance
  • Procurement and Design
  • First Aid
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Including PPE Issue Record.
  • Plant and Equipment: With Maintenance Schedules and Checklists.
  • Powered Mobile Plant
  • Forklift Operations
  • Warehouse Safety
  • Working in Confined Spaces: Including Confined Space Permit and Rescue Plan.
  • Electrical Safety & High Voltage Work
  • Test and Tag
  • Tools – Hand and Power Operated
  • Chemical Management Procedure: With Chemical Register and Risk Assessment Worksheets.
  • Isolation Procedures
  • Ladder Safety
  • Hot Work
  • Working at Heights
  • Height Safety Equipment Inspection Procedure
  • Fall Protection Rescue Plan
  • Lighting
  • Site Safety
  • Client Construction Sites
  • Heat Management
  • Hearing Conservation (Noise)
  • Safe Driving: Including Vehicle Inspection.
  • Vehicle Accident Procedure
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Asbestos
  • Working with Silica


Key Features:

This OHS manual template is designed to be a straightforward and effective tool for documenting and managing workplace health and safety in Victoria. It’s customisable and easy to use, enabling quick adaptations to meet your specific needs. This manual is not just about compliance; it’s about enhancing safety and efficiency in your operations, making it an essential tool for any Victorian manufacturing or industrial business aiming to maintain a safe working environment.

Manufacturing & Industrial OHS Manual (Victoria)

GST Included
  • Instant delivery via email.
  • Easily add your logo and business details.
  • Fully Editable (Microsoft Word Format).
  • Customisation instructions provided.
  • In line with Australian legislation.
  • Pay once, no ongoing subscriptions.

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