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Boating and Working from Boat Safe Work Method Statement


This Boating and Working from Boat Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) template outlines the key hazards and safety controls associated with maritime operations and work conducted from boats. Designed for businesses engaged in aquatic tasks, this template simplifies the process of documenting the specific safety measures required to mitigate risks associated with boat-based activities. It enables easy customisation with company details, ensuring seamless integration into your existing Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) management system.


Hazards & Control Measures Covered:

  • Manual Handling and Overboard Risks related to moving equipment and supplies onto and off the boat, with measures including the use of appropriate lifting techniques and safety checks on loading equipment.
  • Slip and Fall Hazards during boat launching and retrieval, controlled by the use of non-slip surfaces and appropriate footwear.
  • Fuel Handling to prevent fires and chemical exposure, incorporating proper storage and handling procedures as per safety data sheets (SDS).
  • Navigation and Communication Failures, mitigated by ensuring all navigation and communication equipment is checked and functional before departure.
  • Emergency Preparedness, including the presence of life-saving equipment, first aid kits, and trained personnel to handle potential maritime emergencies.


Additional Resources:
This SWMS comes with a free copy of our Legislation & Codes of Practice Reference List.


Key Features:
The Boating and Working from Boat SWMS template offers a comprehensive yet concise format to aid businesses in documenting and managing risks associated with boating operations. It is an essential tool for helping to enhance workplace safety in marine environments.

Boating and Working from Boat SWMS

GST Included
  • Instant delivery via email.
  • Easily add your logo and business details.
  • Fully Editable (Microsoft Word Format).
  • Customisation instructions provided.
  • In line with Australian legislation.
  • Pay once, no ongoing subscriptions.

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