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Operating a Chainsaw Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)



The Chainsaw SWMS is a comprehensive document tailored to assist businesses in effectively managing the risks associated with chainsaw operations. Designed for use by construction companies, landscaping firms, and forestry services, this SWMS template provides a systematic approach to identifying hazards and implementing safety controls specific to chainsaw usage. Easy to customise with company details, it seamlessly integrates into existing WHS management systems.


Hazards & Control Measures Covered:

  • Entanglement: Risks include the entanglement of long hair, loose clothing, and jewellery in moving parts. Control measures involve keeping hair and clothing clear of moving parts, using appropriate guarding, and conducting pre-start inspections.
  • Impact and Cutting Injuries: Exposed moving saw blades pose risks to operators' hands and body parts. Control measures include keeping body parts clear of the saw during operation, ensuring appropriate guarding, and securely clamping workpieces.
  • Noise: High noise levels during operation can lead to hearing damage. Control measures include using quieter equipment where possible, rotating users to different tasks to minimize exposure, and providing appropriate PPE.
  • Condition: Inadequate maintenance may result in equipment failure. Control measures include adhering to manufacturers' specifications for maintenance, conducting pre-start checks, and promptly addressing any issues.
  • Housekeeping: Poor housekeeping may create slip and trip hazards. Control measures involve maintaining cleaning and housekeeping standards, ensuring proper storage of items, and promptly cleaning up spills.
  • Fuel/Chemicals: Risks include inhalation of fumes, skin contact, and ignition hazards during refuelling. Control measures include holding current SDS for fuels, wearing gloves, refuelling in well-ventilated areas, and switching off equipment before refuelling.
  • Out of Service: Unauthorised operation of equipment poses risks. Control measures include storing equipment in designated areas, implementing specific out-of-service configurations, and removing isolation and ignition switches.


Additional Resources:

With this SWMS, users will also receive a free copy of our Legislation & Codes of Practice Reference List.


Key Features:

This SWMS template offers businesses a quick and easy tool to document their WHS systems. With its user-friendly format and fully customisable sections, it helps users to efficiently manage chainsaw-related risks and improve workplace safety.

Chainsaw SWMS

GST Included
  • Instant delivery via email.
  • Easily add your logo and business details.
  • Fully Editable (Microsoft Word Format).
  • Customisation instructions provided.
  • In line with Australian legislation.
  • Pay once, no ongoing subscriptions.

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