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Chemical Handling Safe Work Method Statement



This Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is designed for businesses involved in chemical handling, including industries such as manufacturing, cleaning, and agriculture. This template outlines a systematic approach to identify and manage the typical hazards associated with chemical handling, to help enhance workplace safety. It's easy to customise to include specific business details, and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) management system.


Hazards & Control Measures Covered:

  • Handling and Storage:
    • Risks: Exposure to harmful chemicals, spills, and leaks.
    • Controls: Use of appropriate PPE, regular checks and maintenance of storage containers.
  • Chemical Decanting:
    • Risks: Chemical spills, using inappropriate containers.
    • Controls: Proper labelling, using correct containers, following detailed decanting procedures.
  • Use of Chemicals:
    • Risks: Incorrect use, exposure to fumes, spills during application.
    • Controls: Adherence to SDS guidelines, ensuring proper ventilation, routine equipment checks.
  • Disposal:
    • Risks: Improper disposal leading to environmental damage.
    • Controls: Thorough rinsing of containers, adherence to disposal guidelines as per SDS.
  • Emergency Response:
    • Risks: Chemical spills, injuries from chemical exposure.
    • Controls: Immediate cessation of work, notification of supervisors, and adherence to emergency procedures.


Additional Resources:

This SWMS comes with a free copy of our Legislation & Codes of Practice Reference List.


Key Features:

This SWMS template is not just a regulatory requirement but a practical, easy-to-use tool that enhances the documentation of your WHS systems. It is designed for quick customisation, allowing you to efficiently manage workplace safety related to chemical handling. This template is an essential asset for ensuring that all safety controls are clearly documented and understood, facilitating a safer working environment.

Chemicals SWMS

GST Included
  • Instant delivery via email.
  • Easily add your logo and business details.
  • Fully Editable (Microsoft Word Format).
  • Customisation instructions provided.
  • In line with Australian legislation.
  • Pay once, no ongoing subscriptions.

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