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Contractors/Visitors Attendance Record



The Contractors/Visitors Attendance Record template is a practical tool for Australian businesses needing to track the presence of contractors and visitors on-site. This template is designed to efficiently log entry and exit times, enhancing security and compliance with workplace safety regulations. It is ideal for managing visitor information in a streamlined manner, ensuring all safety protocols are followed.


Key Features:

  • Easy Tracking: Logs entry and exit dates and times, names, companies represented, pass numbers, and the purpose of visit.
  • Safety Compliance: Includes columns to verify the issuance of safety rules and manager or supervisor initials to confirm adherence to site safety protocols.
  • Simple to Use: Easy format for quick filling and referencing, facilitating better management of site security and visitor data.
  • Customisable Format: Can be tailored to meet the specific security requirements of any business, ensuring all relevant visitor information is captured.


  • Enhanced Security: Helps monitor and control the access of visitors and contractors, ensuring only authorised entry.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Supports compliance with health and safety audits by maintaining accurate records of all site visits.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlines the process of visitor management, saving time and reducing administrative burden.
  • Improved Record Keeping: Acts as a reliable document for historical data reference and security audits.


Ideal For:

Businesses across all industries that require detailed record-keeping of visitors and contractors for safety, security, and compliance purposes, including construction sites, manufacturing plants, corporate offices, and educational institutions.


Get Started:

Download the Contractors/Visitors Attendance Log template for free and enhance your site’s safety and security protocols today. Ensure a well-documented and compliant visitor management process with ease.

Contractor/Visitor Attendance Record

GST Included

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