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Crane Operator Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)



This comprehensive SWMS template is designed specifically for the activities associated with crane operation. Ideal for construction companies and subcontractors, this document lays out the standard procedures and controls associated with the operation of cranes to manage and mitigate risk effectively. Easily customisable, this template allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their details and adapt the content to fit their specific operational requirements and workplace safety protocols.


Hazards & Control Measures Covered:

  • Preparation and Work Area Setup: Identifies risks from overhead wires, falling objects, and site traffic. Control measures include hazard checks, communication protocols, and area restrictions.
  • Operation of Crane: Covers risks from overloading, mechanical failure, and unsecured loads with controls like load monitoring, skilled operation, and regular maintenance checks.
  • Maintenance and Equipment Handling: Addresses potential injuries from manual handling and equipment faults by enforcing proper handling techniques and pre-use checks.
  • Environmental and Emergency Response: Outlines procedures for sudden environmental changes and emergency incidents, ensuring rapid and effective response to prevent accidents and injuries.


Additional Resources:

Included with the SWMS is a free Legislation & Codes of Practice Reference List.


Key Features:

This SWMS template for Crane Operation is not only a tool for compliance but also a crucial component for maintaining safety in high-risk operations. It simplifies the documentation process, offering easy editing and customisation options that make it an invaluable asset for any construction or project management involving crane operations. It can be easily integrated into an existing workplace health and safety management system, ensuring all involved personnel are well-informed and protected.

Crane Operator SWMS

GST Included
  • Instant delivery via email.
  • Easily add your logo and business details.
  • Fully Editable (Microsoft Word Format).
  • Customisation instructions provided.
  • In line with Australian legislation.
  • Pay once, no ongoing subscriptions.

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