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Forklift Pre-Start Checklist



The Forklift Pre-Start Checklist template is a useful tool for Australian businesses utilising forklifts in their operations. This basic template ensures that each forklift is inspected for safety and functionality before use, helping to minimise risks and maintain compliance with workplace safety regulations.


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Daily Checks: Outlines daily pre-start checks for seat belts, tyres, fluids, structural integrity, controls, and more to ensure forklifts are safe to operate.
  • Weekly Supervisor Sign-Offs: Incorporates a system for supervisors to review and sign off at the end of each week, reinforcing accountability and ongoing safety adherence.
  • Customisable and Detailed: Allows for specific adaptations to align with particular operational needs or types of forklifts used within the company.
  • Operator and Supervisor Fields: Designed to record initials and signatures from both operators and supervisors, documenting thorough inspections and approvals.



  • Enhanced Safety: Helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents by ensuring forklifts are in optimal working condition.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps businesses meet safety standards required for operating heavy machinery.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlines the process of safety checks, making it easy and routine for staff to follow.
  • Documentation and Accountability: Provides a clear trail of documentation for internal audits and external inspections.


Ideal For:

  • Warehouses, construction sites, and any other environments where forklifts are frequently used. This template is particularly valuable for safety officers and operational managers tasked with maintaining equipment safety standards.


Get Started:

Download the Forklift Pre-Start Checklist template for free and help enhance the safety and compliance of your forklift operations. Start each day with confidence in the safety of your equipment.

Forklift Pre Operation Checklist

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