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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Register for Employees



The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Issue Register template is a useful tool for Australian businesses that require a simple system for the tracking and management of PPE issuance to their employees. This template ensures that all PPE distributed within the workplace is documented, enhancing safety compliance and accountability.


Key Features:

  • Detailed Tracking: Captures essential data including employee name, department, PPE item, date of issue/replacement, and recipient signature.
  • Customisable Fields: Allows for additions to suit specific PPE items or company requirements, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Signature Confirmation: Includes a section for signatures, verifying that employees have received and understand the proper use of issued PPE.
  • Easy-to-Use Layout: Structured for quick entry and reference, maximising efficiency in PPE management.



  • Improved Compliance: Aids in meeting safety standards and regulatory requirements for PPE usage.
  • Enhanced Safety: Ensures all personnel are equipped with necessary protective gear, reducing risk of injury.
  • Accountability and Verification: Facilitates tracking of PPE distribution and confirmation of receipt and training, preventing oversight.
  • Audit Readiness: Provides a reliable and updated log for internal or external audits.


Ideal For:

  • All industries requiring PPE for their employees, particularly in sectors like construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. Useful for safety officers and HR departments managing PPE records.


Get Started:

Download the PPE Issue Register template for free and streamline your PPE management process. Ensure every piece of safety equipment is tracked and accounted for with ease.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Register for Employees

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