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Record of WHS/OHS Meetings



The Record of WHS/OHS Meetings template is a simple tool designed for Australian businesses to document the proceedings of their Occupational Health and Safety meetings effectively. This template ensures all significant discussion points, decisions, and actions related to workplace safety are recorded, promoting transparency and accountability.


Key Features:

  • Structured Meeting Layout: Provides sections for chairperson details, meeting dates, times, attendees, and apologies to keep track of all meeting logistics.
  • Detailed Agenda Items: Outlines key discussion topics such as workplace inspections, hazard management, accidents, and general safety concerns.
  • Action Items Recorder: Includes fields for corrective actions, responsible parties, completion dates, and sign-offs to track progress on safety initiatives.
  • Management Review Sign-off: Incorporates a section for final review and approval by the Managing Director, ensuring oversight and endorsement of meeting outcomes.



  • Enhanced Compliance: Helps in adhering to WHS/OHS regulations by maintaining detailed records of safety meetings.
  • Improved Accountability: Assigns and tracks responsibilities for safety tasks, ensuring they are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Streamlined Documentation: Facilitates easy access to historical data for audits and reviews, enhancing the ability to monitor safety performance over time.
  • Promotes Safety Culture: Encourages active participation and ongoing commitment to workplace safety among all employees.


Ideal For:

  • Businesses of all sizes across various sectors looking to enhance their safety meeting management. Particularly useful for safety officers, HR managers, and team leaders responsible for conducting regular OHS meetings.


Get Started:

Download the Record of OHS Meetings template for free and strengthen your approach to safety meeting management. Ensure every meeting’s outcomes contribute to a safer working environment.

Record of WHS/OHS Meetings

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