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Training Attendance Record



The Training Attendance Record template is a useful tool for Australian businesses to efficiently track and document attendance at training sessions. This straightforward template facilitates the monitoring of participant engagement and compliance with required training, helping to ensure all employees receive necessary instruction and certifications.


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Data Fields: Includes sections for the training course name, trainer details, course description, and dates, providing a complete overview of the training event.
  • Attendee Sign-In: Offers a structured format for capturing the names and signatures of attendees, confirming their participation.
  • Certificates and Licenses Record: Documents any certificates or licenses distributed during the training, aiding in compliance and record-keeping.
  • Trainer Verification: Includes a field for the trainer's signature, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the attendance record.



  • Enhanced Compliance: Assists businesses in meeting training requirements set by regulations or internal policies.
  • Improved Record Keeping: Maintains accurate and accessible records of training attendance, useful for audits, reviews, or future training needs assessment.
  • Efficiency in Training Management: Streamlines the administrative process of organising and documenting training sessions.
  • Verification of Training Completion: Helps ensure that all participants are accounted for and have acknowledged the training received.


Ideal For:

  • Organisations of all sizes in various industries that require meticulous tracking of employee training. Especially beneficial for HR departments, training coordinators, and compliance officers.


Get Started:

Download the Training Attendance Record template for free and help ensure every training detail is documented and accessible for future reference.

Training Attendance Record

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